Our clinic services include:

Occupational Therapy Assessments of pre-school and school-age children. The assessment is done individually in the course of one or two sessions. The child, his/her parents and the therapist are present in the room during the assessment. The occupational therapy room is welcoming and child-friendly and creates a pleasant and calm atmosphere. In some cases, as part of the assessment process, we include a session with the parents without the presence of the child. Therapy goals are established in partnership with the parents and within the child’s developmental abilities.

Occupational Therapy Treatments are “play-based” interventions that address the functional skills, such as: gross motor activities (e.g. jumping, ball play), fine motor activities (e.g. handwriting, drawing, colouring, cutting); activities to improve sensory regulation or self-regulation.

  • The therapeutic process includes consultation with parents, contact with other care providers and/or the day care or school staff for consultation and information needed in order to provide a holistic OT treatment plan for the child and family.
עופרי קליפסים

The treatment in the clinic is focused on toddlers, preschoolers, and school-age children with challenges in the following areas:

Children with developmental delays, children on the autism spectrum, children with special needs;

Fine motor and/or handwriting;

Self-regulation or social thinking skills;

 Play skills;

Gross motor or motor planning (praxis), children with DCD (Developmental Coordination Disorder);

Children with Attention Deficit Disorder, planning and organization and executive functions challenges;

Visual perception/visual motor skills (e.g., printing, copying a model, etc.)

Sensory Processing Disorder;

 Self-care skills at home (e.g., independent dressing, feeding, toileting, etc.).